Food Dan Entertainment Pendukung Sebuah Kawasan Perumahan

Februari 18, 2012 § Tinggalkan komentar

Sukses tidaknya sebuah kawasan perumahan bergantung dari fasilitas dan hiburan yang terdapat di kawasan tersebut. Di antaranya adalah makanan , makanan dan makanan. Mari kita simak apa saja yang sedang happening di kawasan Jakarta.

1. Hops and Malt – Pantai Indah Kapuk

Hops & Malt is a exciting place to enjoy steak and beers in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Popular with young Indonesians, it is similar with other recently-opened beer houses in Jakarta (Barrels, La Bière, etc..). It is the beginning of a new trend actually, since until a few years ago, beer drinking was not so common outside of the main bars in Kemang and the Golden triangle (except in dodgy venues).The main originality is that Hops & Malt have a western steak combined with beer drinking games available, such as Beer Pong, Beer Dart and Beer Roulette.

2. Restoran Angke – Kelapa Gading

Angke is the most famous Chinese “Hakka” restaurant in Jakarta with two locations in Jakarta, in Ketapang and Kelapa Gading. The scene is made of one huge dining room half the size of a swimming pool . I guess it is adequate for weddings and receptions, i very recommend it if you want to have an intimate dinner.

3. BrewHouse Beer House – Senayan

Concepts working well in Jakarta at the moment: 1) After office hour with affinity like home lounges and restaurant with theme and 2) Beer Houses serving exciting drinks from various countries.

Brewhouse bar & restaurant is in between the two concepts. First, it is a simple restaurant with theme, mainly some commonly popular dishes from all over the world. So far, very incredible.

The best part of the BrewHouse is actually the theme affinity. The bar area is spacious and it has an soft touch and feel. The owners wants you to get relax here if I believe that the stairs leading up to the central elevated table are an encouragement for people to dance on them. Very relaxing, with acoustic live music from Wednesday to Saturday. It’s very original and it is cool..The bar has all kinds of different beers, but it is also brewing its own drink, some of them flavoured with alcohol.


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